Joyce's Journey

Girl on the Prairie - December 2017

Service:  Inspirational Speaker

Joyce Larson Yexley

While enduring grief and heartache, Joyce learned to encourage herself to trust her faith and become a positive caregiver for her daughter with special needs. Today, she encourages others with her inspiring story of overcoming endless challenges and living with gratitude even when questions go unanswered. Joyce's story is available as  Not My Plan: A Mother's Unexpected Journey.
 COMING SOON:  Secrets From The Prairie -  Inspiring, uplifting and humorous with lessons to take to the heart! The untold stories from a young girl who loves country, nature and spending days with her grandparents. 

Service:    Fashion Historian & Program

A Century of Ladies' Fashion

Ladies' fashions have evolved from the Victorian Era of high collars, long sleeves and corsets to the bare arms of the roaring twenties and onto the mini skirt introduced in 1964.  Historian, Joyce Yexley has collected twelve decades of ladies' vintage wear from 1865 to 1970. With volunteer models and powerpoint, Joyce shares the changing fashion silhouette influenced by social and economical conditions from Queen Victoria to the women on the Dakota prairie. It is an entertaining program for all ages--even men.
Programs vary from 30 to 50 minutes.
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