Joyce's Journey

  Girl on the Prairie -  2018

 Girl on the Prairie - Grandparents, Grace and Gopher Tails

 Challenges of a childhood are reflected in a girl's diary as she struggles to understand her strengths and weakness.  Her fears and warm relationships with her grandparents lead to an uplifting and humorous journey as she grows into a teenager. Later she realizes her struggles are overcome by her faith in God and the stability of her loving parents.

Not My Plan - a mother's unexpected journey   

     Joyce Yexley has traveled from grief to grace. Once a fearful woman, she became a fearless advocate for her daughter with special needs.   If you are searching for an inspirational speaker, Joyce offers an uplifting and courageous journey as a young mother dealing with overwhelming challenges.  Amazingly, God unfolded his plan for her daughter, Amy--at 32 months began to play the piano by ear.

     Joyce is an approved speaker for Women's Connections.  She has shared her inspirational journey to women's groups, schools,churches and Support Groups. If you would like to schedule her to speak for your program or next event, please contact her at

Joyce Larson Yexley, speaker, Fashion Historian and Author of: Not My Plan 


Girl On The Prairie: Grandparents, Grace and Gopher Tails

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